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18 August 2010 @ 12:41 pm
So I registered for school today (I'm gonna be a junior) and going in I was actually excited to get my books and locker and schedule for this year. I get in there and I'm trying to get a locker assignment and they tell me I have fines that need to be paid because I didn't turn in books, but I know for a FACT that I turned in every single books and all the books I turned in were checked out to me. So the girl tells me to go to a different line to see what's going on with that. I go to the line and I have to stand there with nothing to do and no friends to talk to for an hour and a half!!! Then when I finally get up to the front the lady says "well you didn't turn these three books in and so you have two options, one you can pay the fine of $219 or two you can wait untill school starts and then ask if you can search through all the books and see if you can find the books with the barcodes that were checked out to you to see if it just didn't get checked in". REALLY?!?! I have to either spend my money or I have to waste my time to look for books when it was YOUR mistake?!?!?!?! So I walk off to finish the rest of the stuff and I realize that I can't get a locker because you can't get a locker assignment if you have fines.

So I go to the window to give them my papers that had to be filled out and then go to take my I.D. picture which thankfully turned out good for once! Then I go over to pic up my schedule and it says physics, spanish 3, english 3, alegbra 2, and US history and everything is good untill I see history of motion pictures. I'm not supposed to be taking that. I am supposed to be signed up for child development. So I go to the schedule changes and ask them to change it and she says that spanish 3 is only offered second period and child development is also only offered second period so I have to choose. I HATE HATE spanish but my mom is forcing me to take a third year of it because even though you are only required to take 2 years to get into a UC, its pretty much an unwritten rule that you take three. So for right now I am taking spanish 3 instead of child development. Child development was the ONE class that I absolutly wanted to take this year! I want to take the class sooooooo fucking badly! I have been thinking about that class and how I can't wait to take it since May! And that one class made me actually really want to go to school, I was EXCITED to go to school so that I could take that class! So I am reeeeaalllyy pissed off about that and seriously about to cry.

Then I go over to the last step, getting books. I see my best friend there waiting will all her other friends. And she sees me and can tell somethings wrong and asks me what it was and I explain to her all the stuff and I just start crying while I'm telling her(probably cause of my hormones right now, cause I probably wouldn't have cried normaly). And she gives me a hug and leaves and I get my books. I get 5 huge books that weigh 30 pounds all together and I realize I don't have a locker to put them in and I'm walking home since my best friend is usualy my ride home but she is hanging out with friends after orientation. So I grab the books and my purse and I walk the mile back to my house holding all 5 books!

As if just that weren't bad enough I was supposed to see the midnight showing of Vampires Suck last night with 3 other friends but they all changed their mind at the last moment and thought it was stupid to go to the midnight showing so I said okay well we will see it today and one of them can't because she is hanging with other friends (see above), the other is redoing his room this week and can't find his wallet, and the other is going school shopping today. Plus I have a dentist appointment in an hour where I'm going to get 3 fillings done and right after that I have an orthodontist appointment!

I better get an acting agent soon and start getting jobs so that I have to take online school this year because really life is not at all what I want right now. I don't have friends in school except maybe like 3 girls, I don't talk to anyone in class because I'm shy and I'd rather do my work at school than home, I don't have a group to sit with at lunch so I sit in the math wing and do homework. I need to earn money because my family is having money issues. I reeaalllllyyyyy want to act! I want acting to be my career and I need an agent but idk if I can get one because I don't have much experience and I can't take acting classes to get more into the business because I can't afford them!

I pray that this year will work out the way I want it to
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09 August 2010 @ 08:42 am
Title: Your love is all I need
Category: Twilight
Character(s): Edward/Bella
Chapter: 1/5
Words: 1,826
Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: Bella has been through an awful experience. She needs Edward to make it through. How will she cope? What will result of it? Canon. Caution contains rape

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Okay now that I got that out of my system... HOLY CRAP!!!! Look at what I just found!!! A VIDEO OF KRISTEN TAKING MY BRACELET AT THE PREMIERE!!!! You can see my hand on the right at 3:17 and then she takes the bracelet at 3:22!!!!! You can't ever see my face but you can see my hand!!! And OMG! Look at how close Kristen's hand was to mine!!!!

I am shaking and crying right now because this made me sooooooo happy and it made me relive the experience all over again!!!!!! Now if you'll excuse me...

*is dead*
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28 July 2010 @ 05:35 am
These are just some videos from the Eclipse premiere camp out that I was in :) That was such a fun time! I wish I could do that every month! Anyways this post is more for me to be able to remember the interviews than anything else haha

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27 July 2010 @ 03:54 pm

I hope you like it twin!!!!
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25 July 2010 @ 08:47 pm

This makes me sick! I literaly feel sick to my stomach watching this! Watching this video makes me completely understand Kristen's rape comment! I mean really I can't believe this!!! I'm in shock still over this video! He is a human being and the way he is forced to live like this because of the disgusting paps is just WRONG! And I felt the same way watching this as I did when I watched the pap video of Kristen leaving with Tom that one night! I am just so angry right now I can't even speak!
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10 July 2010 @ 07:58 pm

So there is this "Official Kristen Stewart" page on facebook with a girl pretending to be Kristen. HAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah right all TRUE fans know that Kristen doesn't have a facebook! But this person is like oh yeah I'm her and this is my formspring right here... oh yeah like Kristen would have a formspring! Haha but the sad part is that people believe her! COME ON PEOPLE! Ugh! And now me and Kstewislove have upset her and she said that "if the negativity on this page continues... I won't be afraid to be rid of it." oh wow is that supposed to be a threat? hahaha you make me laugh poser! That doesn't even sound like something Kristen would say! I mean Kristen doesn't care if people hate her so even if she did have a facebook she wouldn't delete the page and deny her fans happiness over 3 people saying she is a poser! And its not like we are really being rude we just keep telling everyone "this isn't really Kristen, she doesn't have a facebook" and this is negativity?

Just look at the page yourself:

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26 June 2010 @ 05:24 pm
Okay so this is a day late but oh well! I have to share this and show how absolutely AMAZING Kristen is!!!!! It blows my mind how nice and kind and sweet she is! How much she cares about fans!

The story also includes a little info on what went on before Kristen too but the stuff thats just about Kristen is two paragraphs down :)

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20 June 2010 @ 02:43 am
okay just making this to make sure i can make a poll for a post i am making tomorrow on team_kbitch...

while I am already making this... OMG!!!! I start lining up for the Eclipse premiere in 27 and a half hours!!!!


is this working?

15 June 2010 @ 09:07 pm
Man this is just such a good month!

So school is out on Thursday and I found out that my final grade for english is a 94.5% and my final math grade is a 90.15%!! YAY! And I found out that if I get A's on my chemistry and history finals I can get A's in those classes as well! And I got 100% on my dance final!

Plus this morning I woke up and decided to weigh myself and I have lost 6 pounds just like that! I have actualy stopped doing my workout routine and I just lost the weight its fabulous!

Plus I still have the premiere to go to starting on monday and I might see WTTR on the sunday after that! And all the great Twilight stuff that has already happened this month!

My dad is coming out here on thursday and friday and part of saturday and I might be going to this thing at my gymnastics center where I will be able to do my gymnastics again for one night and I love doing that!

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